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Cormint Data Systems is a builder and operator of world class Bitcoin mining facilities.

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About Us

Cormint’s facilities are built around the principles of operational efficiency, security, and cleanliness. Our immersion cooled mining modules will maximize the lifespan of Bitcoin ASICs.

Bitcoin mining is the process of converting electricity, a perishable commodity, into digital scarcity, a durable commodity. Cormint’s Bitcoin mining operations specialize in optimizing between the price of electricity and the price of Bitcoin, delivering maximum value to its clients.


A reliable partner with a history of operational excellence

At Cormint Data Systems, we take a customer-first approach. Our clients count on us to deliver a world class hosting experience at an affordable price.

Cormint’s mining modules are built to withstand the harshest climates. Our design was engineered to be simple, reliable and robust. Hosting your miner at a Cormint facility is the best way to secure a long term Bitcoin income stream.

Our Services


Hardware Procurement

Infrastructure Design

Infrastructure Buildout

Risk Management

Custom Firmware

Software Development

Hashrate Offtake

Miner Financing

Electricity Procurement

Grid Stabilization

Electricity Trading

We love Bitcoin.
We design and operate mining facilities.

Contact us to learn more about our design philosophy and service offerings.

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